From our pomsky puppy lovers...!

Mélanie, Patrick, Dominik and Emma - Quebec, Canada

Hello Pomsky,
I àm sorry for not getting in touch sooner! But I do think of you often! We must say that Dixie Is an excellent dog and we have been having à lot of good words from the vêt and trainer as they think she had excellent care before hand seeing how easy she Is! So thank you for that! She has à clean Bill of health and has taken 5 pounds already! The kids get along fabulously and she loves the snow....now! I only have good words for you two ! Hère are some pictures...she may be easy but hates the camera!

Matt and Erica D.

Hi Linda, I wanted to send a quick message to let you know Frisco is doing great and growing so fast! He is so smart and so loveable! He loves his new home. Here is a picture. He is 14 weeks old tomorrow.
Have a great day!

Matt and Erica D. - Camas, Washington

I wanted you to see him. He really does have the husky markings and look. So many people think he's a litte wolf or a husky. We say his mom is! People can't get over how cute he his! Yes, please post the pics. I had a hard time finding pictures of other pomskys as they were older. He also only weighs 10 lbs now too, so you can put that as well. He is so smart, he learned so many commands within 2 weeks. By the time he was only 10 weeks he knew sit, come, stay. I will continue to send you pictures and updates as he gets bigger. Then you can post the info since he is one of the first litters. All your puppies are just so adorable and we are so glad we found you! Thank you again for everything! I can't wait to see your next litter of puppies..
Take care,

The Hayden Family - Sedalia, MO

Acquiring Toby was a win/win deal. The transaction was simple and Toby was as cute as his online photo. What started out as my 13 year old daughter's dog has turned into a family bonding experience. I am so glad we decided to purchase him. It was a pleasure dealing with Pomsky. She was informative and easy going. We are now the proud owners of a great breed of dog.
Sincerest thanks,